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Poster Do Dia – Band of Horses

via Todd Slater

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Green Day faz cover de Rolling Stones

Para comemorar o relançamento do DISCAÇO Exile on Main St. dos Stones, Jimmy Fallon convidou várias bandas para tocarem versões em seu programa durante a semana toda. Green Day tocou o hit “Rip This Joint”. E qual desse disco não é hit, não é mesmo? Assista:

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Wilco no Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Tocaram a deliciosa “Deeper Down”. Assista:

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Twin Sister – Lady Daydream

“Lady Daydream” tem um pézinho nos anos oitenta, melodias simples e climão atmosférico. Linda.“it could all be a dream.”

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Ouça The Kinks

Precisa de mais? Só hits preciosos.

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Jimmy – Ele Teve Um Sonho Horrível!

por Jimmy Swinnerton


Life In Vinyl

O colecionador Dan Himmelsbach fala sobre sua coleção de discos e sobre seu amor por vinil.

“The world is your oyster, ya know. You’re not limited by anything more than your record collection.”

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The Dead Weather – The Difference Between Us

Ao vivo na Third Man Records.

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Sobre Música Country

“I remember just being real impatient with [country music]. Until I’d been living here about a year. And all of a sudden I realized that, what if you just imagined that this absent lover they’re singing to is just a metaphor? And what thet’re really singing is to themselves, or to God, you know? ‘Since you left I’m so empty I can’t live, my life has no meaning.’ That in a weird way, I mean they’re incredibly existentialist songs. That have the patina of the absent, of the romantic shit on it just to make it salable. But that all the pathos and heart that comes out of them, is they’re singing about something much more elemental being missing, and their being incomplete without it. Than just, you know, some girl in tight jeans or something.” – David Foster Wallace on country music.


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The Besnard Lakes – Albatross

A sonzeira do Besnard Lakes combina com esse dia gostoso. Assista:

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